Mahoney keeps focused on the issues while Crombie goes negative

In two consecutive debates Monday, Mississauga mayoral candidate Steve Mahoney stayed focused on the issues of holding the line on taxes, improving transit and creating jobs while being subjected to personal attacks by candidate Bonnie Crombie.

Crombie recycled dated and discredited partisan attacks against Mahoney relating to his tenure as chair of the WSIB, alleged secrets deals by Mississauga’s front line public sector workers, and leveled attacks at Mahoney’s family.

In response to Ms. Crombie’s increasing negative attacks, the campaign today launched where voters can get the truth on Steve’s proud and accomplished record of public and community service.

“It’s unfortunate my opponent wants to focus on everything but the issues facing our city. These negative and personal attacks have no place in Mississauga, and it’s obvious now why Ms. Crombie refused to sign the fair campaign pledge,” said Mahoney. “I expect these attacks to become worse and more personal. I will keep focused on the issues that matter to Mississaugans.”

Mahoney and his team are redoubling their commitment to focusing on what actually matters to the people of Mississauga – how we can all work together to make this city an even better place to live, work, play and raise a family.

Mahoney’s focus on the issues is why his campaign continues to gain support. Last week, two groups also courted by Crombie – A Better Mississauga 4 All led by Hardiner Takhar and Gurbax Malhi, and the Muslim Political Advisory Committee of Mississauga – endorsed Mahoney.

“My focus is on talking to Mississaugans about my Blueprint to make our city even stronger – to hold the line on taxes, strengthen our transportation network, and help our kids find good jobs here at home,” said Mahoney. “And I will continue to focus on the real issues and my plans until Election Day. We need experienced leadership in the mayor’s office with the steady hands to begin getting results for Mississauga on day one. With her negative attacks, it is increasingly clear Mrs. Crombie can’t be trusted to be mayor.”