I, Steve Mahoney, candidate for Mayor of Mississauga, believe that public service is an honourable calling and I therefore pledge to run a constructive and positive election campaign by:

1. Presenting clear ideas and policies to Mississauga voters on growing and strengthening the City of Mississauga;

2. Conducting my campaign accurately and honestly and discussing the issues and participating in fair public debate with respect to my views and qualifications;

3. Not engaging in, permitting or condoning personal attacks upon the character of my opponent(s); nor engaging in invasions of personal privacy;

4. Approving all materials concerning my campaign and only disseminating campaign material and messages in which I am prominently identified;

5. Not using or permitting the use of any campaign material or advertisement that uses quotations or images taken out of context to misrepresent my candidacy, or to misrepresent the views and candidacies of my opponents;

6. Defending and upholding the right of every qualified Mississauga voter to full and equal participation in the electoral process; and,

7. Treating my opponents with courtesy and civility, even when we disagree about what is best for Mississauga’s future.

The people of Mississauga expect candidates for public office to uphold democratic values of honesty, integrity, respect, and civility. I am therefore calling on my fellow candidates to sign this pledge.

Will you sign?